Eggs and Fish :-)

Hello and welcome back to my blog...

Hi, everyone thank you for following our journey through sperm donation and creating a little life. We started last year and have tried 4/5 times over a year period. Last month i missed a period and we felt very hopeful, however with my erratic cycles we were soon crushed by the dreaded period returning! We will not give up and we will continue doing our best to conceive until we have our little miracle here.

This cycle we have decided to do something completely different to test ovulation. Basal Body temperature. We didn't know much about this however we have been told its incredibly accurate and have shown brilliant results. So out i have gone to buy a new thermometer. We will still be continuing with the clear blue ovulation tests which pinpoint the LH surge on the 2 days of the month. This month i have gone 26 days with no ovulation but i didn't start testing till cycle day 7 so thinking it may have happened very early this month. Many …

When you Believe ...

Hi! Thank you to everyone who follows my blog first of all. This blog was set up to follow our journey of creating a life with our sperm donor. We have had a few unsuccessful attempts, but we never give up and hope this cycle will be the cycle! 

We are off to see our donor tomorrow, we think it is important to know him to a certain extent but our contract states that after conception no further contact will be required, unless we want siblings or any genetic conditions occur. Me and my wife will have full parental responsibilities and both be on the birth certificate.

So my bloods came back clear, all my hormones are in great working order, my body is healthy and should be ready to carry a baby as soon as possible. It's actually so reassuring to know everything is working correctly, so hopefully this is our month. All my friends are having babies it seems and now i want to be part of that! So i have gone fertile mad - eating fertility foods having fertility vitamins and thinking fer…

Never give up!

Never Give Up seems the perfect title for this blog entry!

I got my period yesterday, which I'm ok with and i feel positive for starting again next cycle. I have come to the conclusion it will happen when it happens and to stop stressing over it. I am missing out on living because i am so focused on ovulation, fertility and pregnancy that i am missing things around me. I have an amazing family, a brilliant job, great friends and for a second i forgot myself. So as of today i have stopped worrying and i think this will help me to remain more positive! For a start i have booked a 90s evening out at a spice girls concert for mine and my wife's birthday on the 27th April and i am really looking forward to this. It's so important to not let life pass me by and not enjoy the little things as when i do get pregnant eventually i think i will regret all the times i have missed.

This period has been horrendous so i will be incredibly happy when it has finished, the pain has been ter…

Not pregnant or missed Pregnancy

Update from the Doctor ...  

So after visiting the doctor today after receiving our sperm donation on the 14th and15th of February we still have no period. The doctor did a pregnancy test which was negative and checked for any sign of infection and all came back clear. I am not waiting to under go bloods next week to see if there has been a missed pregnancy where there isn't enough hormone in the urine to pick up on a home test. I am also being tested for fertility hormones to gain an insight why i am so late if i am not pregnant.

The doctor was concerned whether there may have been a missed pregnancy or that it was a possible ectopic but as i am not experiencing many symptoms other than a few cramps and bloating he has decided to see what the results say then refer me for a scan. Until then he can find no other problem for me not to get pregnant and said keep on trying and try not to stress. Apparently i wont be referred to the NHS fertility services until i am aged 36 or above due…

Little Missed Period ... but still Negative

Missed Period by 17 Days!!!So tomorrow i will be visiting the doctor to hopefully get some insight into why my body likes to play tricks on me. I am currently 17 days late with my last period being on the 30th January. My cycles are usually around 39-41 days so they are usually quite long anyway. I have had no symptoms other than severe bloating and feeling generally unwell, however i do have tonsillitis...again! We have taken many pregnancy tests and spent a small fortune but for them all to turn out negative. I'm now assuming my body likes to play tricks on me or that i am never destined to get pregnant. It's so hard as everyone seems to be getting pregnant around me and its a incredibly bitter sweet time!
We have had no contact with our donor for a while now as we decided that if we were to try again we would use someone a little different. Our donor previously had no successes with pregnancies and had no fertility testing, so our potential new donor had had all these done …

Approach with caution! - Hormonal!

Approach With Caution... Hormones on the loose!
So my two week wait has ended after our sperm donation  and still nothing and the picture to the right sums up how i feel right now!
I am working lots of hours and not grabbing much sleep so this tied in with the stress of getting negative pregnancy tests but being 6 days late for my period is driving me insane!
I am going to book in to see the nurse either tomorrow or Tuesday to see what is going on. I have kind of got my head into the mind set that i am not pregnant after having 3 negative tests, however being told by many people that they received negatives before a positive has kept me thinking positive.
I have been trying to keep  busy and my mind focused on other things to prevent me from over thinking or my raging hormones killing someone!!... My poor wife!!

After nothing has happened we have even started to question different things. Whether my body is not processing the sperm properly, which the doctors will only look into after…

donor contract and end of the two week wait!

Two week wait ends... and contracts! 
So many people who have been following my posts now know that we are in the middle of receiving sperm donations to create a little life. Me and my wife Jennifer have completed the 2 week wait and now letting time tell if we have a baby cooking or if we have to try again next cycle! Fingers crossed! We did do a test a few days ago which turned out to be negative but we realise it was too early as my cycles can sometimes be 39 days! So have decided to let nature take its course and see from there.

Lots of people have asked about contracts and agreements we have with our donor and i said i would do a blog on this subject. We discussed many pros and cons and what we felt was important to us so we typed into google sperm donation contract template and found the one below. We adjusted a few of the words and added our own signatures at the bottom which i have cut out for confidentiality reasons, but it seems to have worked perfectly. We are incredibly l…